Filling Up Your List Of Potential DUI Attorneys: Where Do You Begin?

Drunk driving is serious and well-known crime whose consequences vary from state to state, case to case, and one lawyer to another. A DUI can have a serious impact in your day-to-day life: it may not only affect your driving privileges and your employment but may also lead to a possible jail time. Accordingly, it is prudent to understand the options that you have as soon as possible.

One of the top considerations that you should think about if you have been arrested on drunk driving charges is hiring a DUI attorney. Hiring the right attorney can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case—making the difference between your freedom and odds of incarceration. To get a good attorney for your DUI case, however, you first need to have a roadmap of how you are going to scout for one.

There is a wide range of resources that are going to come in handy in your search for the best DUI attorney. These include:

Personal Recommendations

One of the best places to begin your search is the friends and people you trust. If your friends have been successfully represented by certain attorneys, you can also try their services. Your friends can also give you an overview of the whole process, how the attorneys handled their cases, what was needed, how the attorney performed, and what the outcome was. You will also have an opportunity to know the total costs of the whole process. Remember that DUI cases are not the same and the information that you gather from your friends may change depending on the facts of your case.

Attorneys Who Have Represented You in Other Issues

If you have hired an attorney before for other cases, they can also be good resources. They can also refer you to their contacts and some of the reputable attorneys who specialize in criminal defense.

National Associations and State Bar Associations

What do you do in situations where you are too embarrassed to ask for help from a friend or people close to you? Well, it is important to opt for other alternatives. After all, DUI cases can sometimes impact negatively your personal and professional life. DUI Defense Associations and National Associations of Criminal Defense Attorneys are the best resources if you prefer to keep your search private. You can also utilize statewide associations of criminal lawyers from your state. Some of the common associations that you can begin your search from include but not limited to:

• The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL): the organization has a national directory that lists attorneys that specialize in criminal defense. You can customize your search based on your state, city, or ZIP code.

• National College of DUI Defense: this is another resourceful organization that provides searchable list of attorneys specializing in criminal defense

The Delaware Lawyers for Criminal Justice: if you are in Delaware, this organization can also be a good resource for finding Delaware Lawyers specializing in DUI

• State Bar Association in your home state: the state bar association in your locality is another great place to find potential DUI lawyers.

Besides, there is a wide range of verified websites that provided up-to-date directories of attorneys that can be helpful. Some of these sites even display attorney ratings, where you can see the number of endorsements that an attorney has received over the years—a high positive peer rating is a good sign. Once you have compiled a preliminary list of your potential DUI attorneys, you can contact them directly through the contacts that they have put on their respective websites to find more about their services.


If it is your first DUI, you have a low BAC, and you are not that concerned about the possibility of conviction or the impact that it is likely to have on your record, then you can opt to represent yourself. However, considering that many Delaware lawyers do not charge anything for an initial consultation, it makes a lot of sense to contact a few to establish whether representing yourself is a reasonable option. If attorney’s representation makes more sense, ensure that you find out more about an attorney who is going to represent you so as to make an informed decision. Again, ensure that you select an attorney or law firm that suits your personal needs and preferences.

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